Instinct Pet Food Launches New Campaign from Martin Williams Advertising


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New work emphasizes the benefits of raw food

Martin Williams Advertising and Instinct Pet Food launch their first campaign effort together, highlighting the benefits of raw pet food.

The inspiration for the campaign, “Instinct Raw vs. Big Pet”, comes from the planning insight that some purchases for pet parents can become unconsidered routines and they aren’t aware that there’s a better way to feed their pet through a raw food diet. The campaign helps reexamine that behavior and emphasizes the benefits of Instinct Raw pet food compared to kibble when it comes to differences like higher percentage of real meat, lack of artificial preservatives, less processing, more nutrients and the benefits that come with it.

The integrated campaign, which runs through December 2021, will appear throughout the U.S. and two Canadian markets, Calgary and Edmonton, and features streaming TV, online video, digital, native, podcasts, audio streaming, paid search, paid social and influencer and custom content partnerships with Real Simple and MindBodyGreen.

“We’re eager to work with brands that challenge the status quo through a meaningful purpose that drives engagement and business growth. Instinct does just that,” said Lori Yeager Davis, Martin William’s President. “Instinct can help transform the lives of pets and we are proud to work with a brand that makes a true difference.”

Empowering people to transform the lives of pets through the pure, real nutrition of raw food is the mission of Instinct, headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri with raw manufacturing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Food is one of the most important choices pet parents can make. Unlike other pet foods that use processed, complicated ingredients, Instinct Raw is made with real meat, fruit, and vegetables. Feeding raw food can have a noticeable change in a pet’s digestion, overall energy level, skin and coat health. It can also help pets with food sensitivities and increase mealtime excitement – even from the pickiest of eaters. A healthier and happier life can start with simple changes to your pet’s diet – and The Choice is Raw™.

“At Instinct we know that our raw food products can make a real difference in the lives of pets, and we’re excited to creatively deliver this message to people through our new campaign,” said Gordon Dumesich, Chief Growth & Marketing Officer at Instinct. “Our partnership with Martin Williams helps us bring important information to pet owners everywhere about the benefits of raw food.”



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