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From our friends across the pond.

The Caples Awards is pleased to announce that in 2021 it remains the only global show that is FREE TO ENTER. Founded in 1978 by copywriter Andi Emerson in honor of legendary copywriter John Caples. Because the Caples is run by creative people for creative people, our principles are very different to other awards organizations.

Where they set out to make money from the awards business, we are in the awards business, from which we hope to make money.

They are not the same.

Many shows have a big gala presentation in an expensive hotel. To sell tickets, they need as many categories as possible and a Gold, Silver and Bronze in each. The winning work can sometimes be um … not very good.

The Caples’ primary purpose is to recognize and reward great creative work. It’s why our jurors love judging. They are not constrained by commercial requirements. They are free to hand out as many or as few awards as they see fit.

Pivoting in the pandemic

Early in the spring of 2020, when it felt as if the entire advertising industry was put on pause, we took the decision to make The Caples free to enter.

The result was more than a big increase in entries, there was a shift in quality – upwards. Small independent agencies submitted work and won, which was as pleasing for the judges as it was for the agencies.

The Caples Awards 2021

President of the Jury in 2021 is Steve Aldridge, CCO of Wunderman Thompson London.

The team of judges includes creative leaders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, India, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, the Philippines, the UAE and the UK.

US judges to have accepted invitations so far are: Katie Keating, Founder and Joint-CCO of Fancy, New York, and Jonathan Butts, President of BlackWing Creative, San Francisco.

Entry deadline is April 30.

Please note: there is a second terminal, this-is-it deadline of May 8 for agencies who need it. BUT we will charge for late entries in this final week because of the overtime involved in getting them uploaded and ready for the judges on May 13.

Judging is from May 13 to May 18.
The presentation will be livestreamed on May 26. Ideally from The Groucho Club in London, depending on COVID-19.

An Entry Kit with details of categories, rules and how to register and submit work can be downloaded HERE.

To enter work, start HERE

The Caples Awards 2020 winners can be viewed HERE.

Further information

The Caples Awards were founded by BBDO copywriter Andi Emerson in both memory and honor of legendary copywriter, Creative Director and author John Caples.

Originally a show to recognize creativity in Direct Marketing, The Caples now has a categories for ‘traditional’ advertising and PR as well as categories for ambient, digital, direct mail, experiential, integrated and mobile advertising.

The Caples Awards was the first show to have a Courageous Client award. This is in the jury’s gift to award to any client-side individual who has clearly invested in and put faith in creativity.

The Andi Emerson Award is the President’s personal recognition of an individual who has given exceptional service to the creative community.

In 2020, the Andi Emerson Award was presented to Emma de la Fosse, Chief Creative Officer of Digitas UK, for championing inclusivity and diversity in UK creative departments.

In 2019, CEO and Founder of Shackleton Group Iberia Pablo Alzugaray was the honoree.

In 2018, David Droga, Founder of Droga5, was the recipient.

The Caples Awards is managed mostly by Patrick Collister, former Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy London, and former Head of Design for Google ZOO (NACE), with suggestions, exhortations and instructions from Duncan Gray, former Chief Creative Officer of Proximity Worldwide.


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