AdFed 32 Under 32 Winner Spotlight: Madi Kurvers


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Because of the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s recipients of AdFed’s 32 Under 32 Award weren’t able to live it up, in person, in all their glory among all the other impossibly awesome award-winners. That said, we’re certainly not about to not make a big deal of this. Deal? Deal. Without further ado, meet Madi Kurvers.

Madi Kurvers is an art director and designer new to the Minneapolis ad scene. She proudly works with an ambitious creative team at FLM Harvest, the agency where she started her career after graduating from Iowa State University in 2017. Recently she embarked on another educational endeavor at MCAD, pursuing a Masters in Graphic and Web Design. Her advertising and design gears typically don’t stop turning outside of her 9-5 life. Outside of work, she will
often be collaborating on a new project, improving her illustration skills, exploring a new hike, or supporting local Adfed, Mpls Madwomen, and AIGA events.

Here’s what her nominator had to say:

Madi is a ray of sunshine. Also optimistic, always motivated and always open to new things, ideas and people. She pushes her talents daily and is a sponge to find out new opportunities and deliverables. We recently had a client who wanted a 3D rendered logo spinning in ‘space’ and our video/production department was struggling with the deliverable. So enter Madi, who helped guide the team, but more so went and learned a whole new program overnight and figured out the solution in After Effects herself… over night. Not asked, just did. Took the work on herself and found not only a great solution, but one the client loved and uses daily. Needless to say, that is one example amongst many.


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