Scott Streble Releases Porch Portraits


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The front porch portrait series began as a way to record history and connect people during this challenging time, providing everyone a sense of belonging to a bigger picture. Scott Streble’s photos have a feeling of connectedness. You feel as though we’re both separate and together, simultaneously. The process provides an opportunity to those photographed to exhibit their optimism, providing an encouraging insight into the human spirit, which at its core, is positive and hopeful.

Scott began the series by placing notices on Nextdoor and Facebook and reaching out to community leaders to locate subjects. The project has now taken on a life of its own, with referrals streaming in from many sources. The actual photo process takes just a few minutes, and everyone is emailed an image within a day. There is no charge for a portrait, which allows Scott to more accurately represent the demographics of the Twin Cities.

Check out the full project here.



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