AdFed 32 Under 32 Winner Spotlight: Lee Cerier


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Because of the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s recipients of AdFed’s 32 Under 32 Award weren’t able to live it up, in person, in all their glory among all the other impossibly awesome award-winners. That said, we’re certainly not about to not make a big deal of this. Deal? Deal. Without further ado, meet Lee Cerier.

Lee is a strategist passionate about people, brands, and how the two can connect in ways meaningful to both. He’s happiest getting to the heart of how people tick, making the complex simple and crafting compelling stories. As a champion of curiosity in all facets of life, Lee is a relentless learner constantly seeking out new ways to tackle problems and see the world around him.

Here’s what her nominator had to say:

While he’s a strategist, on any given day you will also see him as a creative contributor, account management supporter, project management sounding board. Because, above all, Lee is committed to the team. And he does whatever he can to make things easier, simpler, better for the team. This has become very apparent as Lee has been faced with challenging clients, timelines, business situations.

When the road gets rough, he doesn’t throw up his hands. Instead, he tries one thing, tries another thing and then tries one last thing to make it everything from creatively actionable to simply less confusing. Lee is resilient, a leader, impactful and thoughtful. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project—he takes it to heart and he is 100% IN.


  1. Andy Thieman August 4, 2020

    Leeeeeee! I know him!

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