Alex Frecon Is A Punk Kid


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ICYMI, which you probably didn’t, Alex Frecon won Best of Show at AdFed’s The Show 2020 for his TV spot for Edina Liquor.

These days, Alex is on a whole new level. His newfound fame has sadly turned him into a Punk Kid. Here’s what the Punk Kid has to say for himself: 

During the pandemic I found myself with some downtime, so I decided to crowdsource advice. More specifically, I created a commercial for a 1-800 number (1-888-IMAPUNK) that old people could call in to give a “punk kid” advice. I ran it on a Minneapolis TV station and posted it on Reddit.

The Reddit post  received 25,000 upvotes. The YouTube video got 250,000 views and the hotline received upwards of 2,000 calls. All in the first 24 hours.

People kept asking, “How did you do it?” “Why did you do it?” “What kind of advice did you get?” I was fortunate enough to film the WHOLE process start to finish, so I made another video explaining just about every detail.

Calls came in literally from across the globe. To connect with so many complete strangers in such a positive, pleasant way was an amazing experience. Even in a time of seemingly endless division, thousands of people took time out of their day to reach out and just…talk. There’s something profound about that. Plus, I got some great advice.


  1. james July 31, 2020

    This guy really loves making projects about himself

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