Hormel Foods, The Makers of SKIPPY Peanut Butter, Launch New “Go to Your SKIPPY Place” Campaign


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From time to time, it’s good to be reminded that no matter what you’ve got going on, you deserve to give yourself a little break. A little escape from reality. Even if it’s only for a moment. And even if it’s only with something as simple as a snack.

The SKIPPY Peanut Butter Brands new campaign aims to give people just that. Created by BBDO Minneapolis and launching June 22nd, these dreamy yet familiar, music-driven spots showcase those moments in life where you could really use a second to yourself.

With a simple scoop of SKIPPY Peanut Butter, these characters are reminded that, when you take a second to live in the moment, you feel a little bit better. Whether you’re dealing with destructive puppies or chaotic kids, the maker of SKIPPY Peanut Butter just wants you to know, they get it.

The spots are accompanied by a series of hypnotic animations on social that invite viewers to escape into a SKIPPY Peanut Butter dream world filled with relaxing snacking moments.

David Mackereth, Creative Director at BBDO Minneapolis put it simply, “This work visualizes how SKIPPY Peanut Butter can sweeten life’s little bummers, much in the same way it can turn a bummer food like celery into a fun snack.”


The new campaign will run as part of a fully integrated campaign across broadcast, online video and social media. A list of creative credits has been provided below.

Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
Client: SKIPPY Peanut Butter Brand
Marketing Director: Jennifer Nolander
Brand Manager: Jennesa Kinscher
Associate Brand Manager: Drew Parsons

Creative Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Tim Mattimore
Creative Director: David Mackereth
Creative Director: Nathalia Resende
Art Director: Holly Younce
Copywriter: Olivia Boone
Producer: Peter McLarnan
SVP Group Account Director: Ali Siviter
Account Director: Angela Lund
Planning Director: Theodore Schweitz
Account Supervisor: Breanne Voeltz
Account Executive: Jennifer Hogan

Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Terri Timely
Executive Producer: Cody Ryder
Editorial: Drive Thru
Editor: Mick Uzendoski
Sound Design: The Hifi Project
Original Music: The Hifi Project
Finish: Drive Thru
Color: Company 3


  1. Robin July 11, 2020

    The WORST commercial on the air! I actually watched it and it was SO BAD that I wondered how it got on the air! These commercials will cause people to leave Skippy on the shelf! TAKE THEM OFF!

  2. Donna Greulich July 17, 2020

    The new commercials are just awful. I guess it was approved when it airs people can talk about how bad they are. The money was not well spent on this new campaign.

  3. Janna Wilson July 19, 2020

    I don’t believe I’ve ever despised an ad campaign more than this one. You may have planned for quirkiness, but instead succeeded in doing a huge face plant. I agree with Robin in that I will NEVER eat Skippy again. In face, I have to turn the channel whenever the spots are on. Hormel, please oh please realize that these ads are doing more harm than good. Seriously BBDO, this is the best you have?

  4. Bud July 20, 2020

    It actually hurts to watch this

  5. no July 27, 2020

    Wow, this is not awful, or at the level to receive these remarks. This is probably one jealous troll who has an unhappy life. Good for anyone making work right now. Be more supportive of our ad community.

  6. Barry August 7, 2020

    Unfortunately, like most things American, Skippy peanut butter contains twice the sugar of European peanut butter

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