Media Loft Launches Send Hope


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Dying during the COVID-19 pandemic is a lonely affair. In hospice, you are restricted to one family member per bedside. In remembrance ceremonies, it’s no more than 10 (including clergy).

When a Media Loft employee recently lost his elderly mother to Alzheimer’s, they wanted to surround his surviving 92-year-old father, Donald, with as much hope and support as possible. So the company designed an easy way for all Media Loft staffers to send heartfelt, handwritten notes via heart-shaped cards.

Each employee received an artwork template, printed the card, crafted a note, and mailed it to Donald. The next day, the grieving husband found his mailbox bursting with hearts filled with love and support. This gesture not only touched him deeply, it sent a ripple of optimism through his entire senior living community. It also ignited a desire for Media Loft to keep sending positive messages into the world – and the Send Hope campaign was born.

Send Hope’s goal is to circulate targeted messages of support to our most vulnerable: the elderly, the infected, the addicted, and those with mental illness. And while Media Loft employees continue to send notes of encouragement, they are offering its user-friendly toolkit for all to express themselves to those they love. Please visit Send Hope to download and post your own expressions of optimism and support.


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