Current Resident Provides Some Creative Relief


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Minneapolis production company and content studio, Current Resident, has taken to the battlefield in the war against losing-your-absolute-mind during the COVID19 pandemic. In the midst of the Twin Cities community spending more time at home than ever before, the studio wanted to provide a creative resource that would retaliate against mental and emotional solitude.

Current Resident’s Quarantivities is a web page stuffed with local, collaborative, affordable, and kinda-weird suggestions for slaying boredom during this period of social distancing. From cooking with Gordon Ramsay to Howling at the Moon, there is easily something for everyone to take away or generate their own ideas from. Many encourage creation that can be shared on social media or Current Resident’s community submission newspaper, The Jungle, so you can help your friends as you help yourself.

“We feel that positive mental health is important to maintain in times of virus-related illness.” says Current Resident Content Creator, Melanie Featherstone “Since we are all artists rather than doctors, we decided that the best way to support our community is by providing creative resources and encouraging collaboration. That’s what we’ve always been about, and this is just an extension of that mission. Even as the world starts to re-open, we must continue to practice the distanced support and engagement that we have already seen so much of.”

You can find Current Resident’s COVID19 activity compilation on their website along with their up to date Pandemic Practices, and the application page for The Jungle Newspaper.


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