Clarity Hard Sparkling Water Taps Agency Squid for Brand Refresh


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As the Agency of Record for Eel River brewing, America’s first 100% certified organic brewery, Agency Squid was tasked with refreshing their hard seltzer brand. Having been rushed to market as “Craft Clarity” and launched around the same time as other hard sparkling waters like White Claw and Truly, Eel River Brewing wanted to take a step back and examine how to differentiate their product. Eel River Brewing used its knowledge and proprietary brew process to create a product that was cleaner, using only three ingredients. The hard sparkling water had 5% ABV, less than 100 calories, and many of the same attributes larger players in the space were touting.

Ultimately the brand centered around its three, premium ingredients, making it a cleaner, more pure product than anything on the market. That, coupled with the brand equity from the country’s first organic brewer, shaped the brand refresh including packaging, website, and retail tools to start.

The product can be found on their new website – as well as on the West Coast for their regional re-launch (coming to the midwest hopefully sooner than later).

*Note – If possible we’d love to include the full can lineup but there aren’t enough image upload spots to do it. If there’s a way to send stuff to you guys let me know and I’d be happy to do it.


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