Video Production is Back. Here Are Some Safety Guidelines.


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Proper Studios is implementing a new COVID-19 plan in order to safely get back to video productions in Minnesota.

Starting on May 18, Minnesota governor Tim Waltz has now allowed non-critical businesses to reopen yet still requires that groups of people be limited to 10 people or less. This means that if a film production were to take place it would have to be limited in scope and crew with safety as a priority.

While larger productions may easily break that limit we are prepared to shoot high quality content with minimal crew. There is also a stipulation that requires the company to have a COVID-19 safety plan in place.

You can see the steps we are taking and that we advise other productions to follow as they get back to shooting content in Minnesota.

We are implementing the following safety measures:
– Crews of less than 10 people (this includes talent and client)
– Distancing of six feet between people is encouraged whenever possible.
– All crew will be provided masks.
– Equipment will be disinfected before and after every shoot.
– Equipment will be handled by a single person. Gloves are necessary if not possible.
– No communal crafty or meals. Individuals will be designated crafty bags or plated meals.
– Audio will not use Lav mics. Shotgun/Boom only.
– Hair and Makeup must wear gloves, mask, and face shield. They must disinfect their station with each talent and use new tools when possible.
– Crew must check and report temperature before reporting to set.

This list is ever evolving as we learn more and take in new information involving new industry standards surrounding COVID-19.


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