Hockey in Kenya?


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Alex Frecon, winner of this year’s Best of Show at AdFed’s The Show, is sharing with us his latest project. Alex is big into hockey. So he took a trip to Kenya to play hockey with the Kenyan National hockey team—the Ice Lions.
You read right. There’s hockey in Kenya. And, yeah, there’s a hockey rink in Kenya. To be exact, it’s in Nairobi. In the basement of the Panari hotel.
Alex was profoundly impacted by this trip. He filmed damn near all his waking moments and then made a short film about. The news cycle is all COVID-19 all the time. Which is fine. It’s a big deal. But in the event you need a break from all the doom and gloom, Alex would love to share his story with you.


  1. Bender69 March 29, 2020

    Did the white dude in the image break his ankle? Looks like he’s about to.

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