Periscope and Hefty Launch New Campaign Featuring the World’s Strongest Man


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Reynolds Consumer Products, a leading provider of household products and Periscope, a fully integrated marketing agency on a mission to do things people love, today announced a new campaign that drives awareness for the brand’s sustainability efforts. The integrated campaign aims to raise awareness around Hefty’s groundbreaking Hefty EnergyBag program, which has diverted more than 1 million pounds of hard-to-recycle plastic from landfills.

“Uncovering an ideal way to creatively showcase the power of Hefty’s sustainability efforts to date was an exciting challenge,” said Periscope group creative director Jen Stocksmith. “We needed to find a way to demonstrate the impressive program results, bring awareness of what those efforts entail, and do so in a humorous way that aligns with Hefty’s brand positioning…all in 15 seconds.”

“We were seeking an agency partner who could swarm a complex ask like this and simplify it into a simple, powerful idea,” said Lindsey Walter, Director of the Hefty EnergyBag Program. “We are thrilled with the work and excited for how it will raise awareness of our innovative program that turns hard-to-recycle plastics into valuable resources.”

Periscope’s work includes video production, digital and social media, microsite development and public relations. Creative features World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis pulling a passenger plane, five of which are equal to the 300 tons of hard-to-recyle-plastics Hefty has converted into valuable resources to date.


  1. Wake me when Nicholson is gone March 4, 2020


  2. Been There... March 10, 2020

    Didn’t someone do a similar idea years ago with strongmen?

  3. Wake me when Nicholson is gone March 12, 2020

    Q: Didn’t someone do a similar idea years ago with strongmen?

    A: Yes, this idea comes around every few years. The execution is typically better than this campaign. Nothing about this work shines.

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