Periscope and Liz Ross Part Ways


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After just over four years at Periscope, Liz Ross, president and CEO, has left the agency. Periscope’s news release says the decision was mutual, but they’ve yet to elaborate.

Eric Ashworth, who is VP of product and market strategy and president of agency solutions for Quad/Graphics (Periscope’s parent company), had this to say, “We thank Liz for her many contributions and leadership at Periscope. We wish her well as she moves on to her next career opportunity.”

Ashworth will backfill on an interim basis while executive search firm Spencer Stuart helps find Ross’ replacement.  


  1. Cheshire Cat January 30, 2020

    Thank goodness Tweedle Dumb is finally gone.

    Now if only they will get rid of Tweedle Sexist Douche Bag aka condoner of sexual harassment in chief, good ‘ole boys club ruler, hostile work environment leader, ain’t-never-gonna-promote-or-hire-a-woman, CCO, Peter Nicholson.

  2. pete January 30, 2020

    She single handedly ruined that agency. Good to see her go.

  3. The Ghost of David Ogilvy January 30, 2020

    Cheshire Cat gets high marks for the honest post!

    Sadly, removing that individual won’t fix the problems at PeriQuad. The third leg of that incompetent stool needs to go as well. If Mr. Ashworth is smart he’ll also take out the Executive Committee. That collection of yes-men and women has proven useless.

    Sorry, Peter, I love that but I hate you.

  4. Graf January 31, 2020

    A company that did well for over 40 years, ruined in 4 years by this gang with her as the “leader”

  5. Howard Beale February 4, 2020

    I remember the prophetic post on an industry site that reported her hiring at periscope 4 years ago that said, ‘she will accomplish nothing like she didn’t here.’ I’m surprised it took this long to figure that out. But the pain threshold seems to be high at Quadscope when Chris Hiland is still there after driving two departments into the pavement only to get promoted to COO. and Peter Nicholson is still in place when his enabling created a highly publicized and pending sexual harassment lawsuit. These three are the holy trinity of arrogance and incompetence.

  6. Jebus February 4, 2020

    I’d have to say that my time there was akin to a “Designers Old Folks Home.”
    Lots of bloated, top heavy management that didn’t do a lot paired with excessive meetings. Hated being, and seeing, such good young talent squashed into oblivion for the benefit of a few fragile male ego’s, and another “Best Places to Work Award”

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