Periscope Creates Calendar Dedicated to Agency Dogs


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When you think of Periscope, two main things likely come to mind: world-class integrated marketing services and dog-friendly culture. This year, the agency celebrated the latter by leveraging the former and created a Periscope 2020 dog calendar dedicated to the furry friends who roam the agency daily.

Employees’ pups were pampered and spotlighted in a photo shoot at Periscope’s P4 studios. The images were custom designed into five unique versions of a 2020 calendar, which were then produced, printed and sold to raise money for Secondhand Hounds rescue. fun way to celebrate agency culture and the new year at Periscope.


  1. Steve December 13, 2019

    No, world-class integrated marketing services does not come to mind.

  2. Onlooker January 11, 2020

    Neither come to mind, really.

  3. Crow January 17, 2020

    Were these dogs sexually harassed too?

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