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After a lengthy hiatus, Fresh Meat Friday is back! So get ready, because we’re about to share some work from a young creative killing it here in the Twin Cities. But before we get back into it, if you or a youngin’ you know have fewer than five years of professional experience and a damn good book, for the love of God, please let us know.
Our fresh cut this week is a recent University of Wisconsin Stout grad and former Shinebox intern. Minnesota, meet Ashley Ketcham. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?
What are your career and creative aspirations? Where do you see yourself in five years?
My experience at Shinebox confirmed that I want to become an art director someday but also pushed me to explore my short-term goals. Currently, I have been reflecting on what I want to specialize in within graphic design. I’ve concluded that as much as I love print design, part of my 5-year plan is to develop expertise in UX/UI design. I have an educational background in UX/UI, and it’s been on my mind for quite sometime to revisit those interests.
More importantly, I want to improve on everything as a graphic designer. I want to develop a quicker workflow. I want to efficiently understand the insight of an audience and company, and proficiently formulate cutting-edge concepts and visuals. 
What led you to where you’re at now?
I give credit to my faith, the endless support from inspirational creatives/loved ones, my hunger for learning, and consistent dedication to improving as a designer. I also had valuable learning experiences through my academic career, freelance projects, and internship experience. 
Since my internship ended in mid September, this quiet period in my life has led to a lot of self reflection. I have been coming up with a series of goals as to how I want to get into UX/UI design. I plan on attending tech meetup groups in the Twin Cities, developing interactive portfolio pieces, looking into Webflow for my personal website, and scoring an internship, entry-level position, or a freelance project relating to UX/UI design.
What would you say are a few of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?                                                    Let’s Ketchup: I think personal brands in the creative industry should become popular again. I want to see more designers conceptually share their creative experiences. The last name Ketcham sounds like ketchup, and the world-renowned sauce can serve as a secret ingredient in successful recipes. Designers also function as a secret ingredient. They produce work that remains anonymous to the public eye. This concept was used for the portfolio website, business cards, ketchup bottle, and resumé-recipe. The ketchup bottle serves as an extension of the resumé-recipe. The package includes a nutrition fact label, which highlights character traits essential for a Graphic Design career. 
Matcha Kombucha and Artificial Intelligence: This was the title for the spring’s Senior Show event at the University of Wisconsin Stout. The idea is to communicate our future expansion of artificial intelligence by metaphorically paralleling it to beneficial superfoods. The intent for the show is to express how superfoods, innovation, and robotics may be used to elevate the quality of human experience.
Dou Zero: For my senior show project I came up with a robotic bakery concept that makes fresh keto/vegan pastries. I have the hashtag #paradox_pastries in the designs because the pastries look like junk food but it’s actually healthy.
Kleenex: This was my first successful project. I finally felt some confidence in my design abilities. This integrated-advertisement campaign received a gold award at Ad Fed’s MN Show of 2018 and it was featured in University of Wisconsin Stout’s NASAD Exhibition. This project pokes fun at the “sinful” act of nose picking.
Interested in seeing more of Ashley’s work? Have at it.


  1. Tom Knutson October 18, 2019

    I know this gifted and tremendously talented young lady! Her creative prowess and ability to think outside the box is going to take her far!……

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