Hairless Dog Brewing Selects Periscope as AOR Amid Surging Sober Curious Trend


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Periscope, one of the top, fully integrated creative agencies in the nation, has been named agency of record for Hairless Dog Brewing, the first truly alcohol-free craft beer brand made in the U.S. known for its full-bodied, complex beer flavor profile without the negative effects of alcohol. As the demand for low-to-zero alcohol beverages grows by an expected 32% by 2022, Periscope will help the brand launch a number of new brews, including its signature IPA and Black Ale, and capture the attention of the “sober curious,” a term referring to people making more health-conscious choices free from alcohol.

As agency of record, Periscope will provide end-to-end creative solutions for Hairless Dog Brewing and be a leader in the overall shift for marketers within the adult beverage category.

“We are navigating uncharted territory with a one-of-a-kind product that is helping push forward a social movement. We needed more than an agency, we needed a true partner capable of paving a new way for product marketing,” said Hairless Dog Brewing CEO Jeff Hollander. “Periscope brings that to the table alongside world class integrated creative capabilities and a level of passion for our work that matches our own.”

“Hairless Dog is a cultural innovator and hungry to do things differently, just like Periscope,” said Periscope CEO Liz Ross. “We are excited to join forces and produce trailblazing creative work that authentically engages this growing audience demanding a different way to drink and a different kind of product.”

The integrated marketing effort, which will include brand strategy, brand creative, package design solutions, social media strategy and execution, website design and development and public relations, aims to accelerate the beer brand’s national growth. With messaging such as “Party Like There’s a Tomorrow™” and “0.0% Regrets™”, the goal is to capture the attention of people looking for a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages.

“Our brand is uncompromising – uncompromising in life and social situations, and also uncompromising in quality and taste for people who, like us, are pursuing mindful wellness and are tired of NA beers with no flavor,” said Hairless Dog co-founder Paul Pirner. “Periscope was the perfect choice as they are boundary pushers and will lead us down the best path rather than the easiest path for our brand as we expand nationally.”

Periscope Chief Creative Officer Peter Nicholson added, “With Hairless Dog, we will not just speak to people but to culture. This relationship is the start of something big, as we aim to impact not just the non-alcoholic category, but the beverage industry in general.”

Periscope and Hairless Dog Brewing will discuss upcoming campaign work onstage at Advertising Week New York on September 26 at 2pm EST, where they will also join Sober Curious thought leader and acclaimed author Ruby Warrington for a panel presentation, titled, “Meet the Sober Curious: Bursting the alcohol industry bubble.”

About Periscope
Periscope is an award-winning creative agency and division of Quad, a marketing service partner dedicated to creating a better way for clients through a data-driven, integrated marketing platform that reduces complexity, increases efficiency and enhances marketing spend effectiveness. Periscope provides a full spectrum of integrated marketing services for a wide range of acclaimed brands, including BASF, Cargill, Cox Communications, Hairless Dog Brewing, Intuit, Krispy Kreme, Minnesota Lottery, Petco, PEMCO Insurance, Red Robin, Toro, Walgreens and more. Learn more at

About Hairless Dog
Hairless Dog Brewing is an independent, non-alcoholic craft beer company founded in 2017. Through an unconventional brewing process where alcohol is never introduced to their products, they have created the first truly alcohol-free craft beer in the United States. On a mission to create high-quality, socially engaging products that enable people to achieve their best selves exclusive of alcohol, Hairless Dog Brewing delivers the craft beer experience with 0.0% Regrets. Learn more at


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    heads-up typo in the headline! curios -> curious

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    the minneapolis egotist September 27, 2019

    Grammer puhlice.

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    Nicole Meyer crushed the design!!! Nice work, all.

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