Minneapolis Takes on New York Ad World


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Advertising Week is taking place in NYC this week. Each year, the governor of NY and the mayor of NYC welcome attendees with official letters of praise for their state and city in the event’s program. This year, they’ve got competition from another world-class ad community.

Colle McVoy created an ad for the program that calls attention to the greatest city in the north, Minneapolis. Through humorous and clever copywriting that parodies the official government letters, the ad extols why advertising’s best and brightest should work in Minneapolis, while also promoting one of its greatest agencies, Colle McVoy.


  1. Local creative September 26, 2019

    If you want people from New York, open a NY office. Or hire people who are already here…the ones who don’t need convincing. Plenty of great local creatives who get ignored because they’re local. Best part? We don’t ask for relocation costs or make fun of your accent.

  2. Here September 27, 2019

    Real cities usually don’t have to say “Hey, we’re a real city!”

  3. FlyOver Chris September 30, 2019

    Anybody else read the despair here? Would anyone with talent please work here? #MoraleBooster

  4. mpls October 1, 2019

    well this is the lamest thing ive seen on here in awhile

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