HORMEL Compleats Brand Debuts New “Fast As BEEP” Campaign


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The new HORMEL Compleats campaign connects to its audience with language as down-to-earth as the product. Created by BBDO Minneapolis, the spots feature real-life moments where people could really use a quick and easy meal. Once they learn about the speed and satisfaction offered by 60-second HORMEL Compleats, they’re so amazed they let a few exclamatory words slip.

Luckily, the microwave beeps are there to keep everything family friendly. The campaign offers HORMEL Compleats an authentic and unapologetic edge that speaks to those they serve and positions the brand as the fastest shelf-stable meal solution. With frozen meals taking over 5-minutes to cook, HORMEL Compleats are faster than the competition. As a matter of fact, they’re Fast as BEEP.

“We’re going to dominate the microwaveable meal category by owning both the audible BEEP of the microwave and the incredible speed of the product.” — David Mackereth, Creative Director

Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
Client: HORMEL Compleats
Marketing Director: Nicole Behne
Brand Manager: Meghan Baumann
Brand Manager: Elias Constantine

Creative Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Tim Mattimore
Creative Director: David Mackereth
Art Director: Alaina Peterson
Copywriter: Nick Tiso
Producer: Peter McLarnan
SVP Group Account Director: Ali Siviter
Account Director: Matt Mullin
Planning Director: Theo Schweitz
Assistant Account Executive: Eh Eh

Production Company: Picrow
Executive Producer:
Sound Design:


  1. publicworker4 August 20, 2019

    Who doesn’t love implied swearing? These are great, nice work.

  2. Monita Young February 11, 2021

    Hate this commercial! Our society has lost all it’s class. Why encourage it?

  3. Just another fake name February 20, 2021

    wow did a CD at BDDO cheat on their significant other… because what is the deal with the comment on this and skippy? .. Moderator, want to moderate out these rude comments? Have 0 involvement – just prefer our market look less trashy.

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