Research Report: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Marketing Decision Making


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SCHERMER is proud to announce the release of the following research report “Five Barriers to Effective B2B Marketing Decision Making—And How to Overcome Them.” This report is based on SCHERMER’s 2019 study of the State of B2B Marketing Decision-Making, which surveyed over 160 B2B senior marketers on the following topics:

• How are B2B companies making current and critical marketing decisions in their organizations and, in particular, how are they using internal information or external research to make these decisions?

• Are they investing in ongoing buyer and market research to gain the latest-and-greatest data, or relying on anecdotal or institutional information to make critical decisions?

• If they aren’t doing/using market research, what’s stopping them?

• How are their decision-making capabilities influencing marketing budgets, performance, and key buyer experiences—like their website?

Utilizing the survey responses, this research report shares real insights and realistic ideas that can help B2B companies overcome barriers to better decision-making, and provides a guide to becoming an Enlightened Enterprise.

No personal information and all that jazz is required for the report. So go on and download the whole thing here.


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