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The following is from the fine folks at FAME…

We reinvented weight-loss marketing, did hundreds of speed-makeovers at Essence Fest, and we’re in the process of rebranding a soon-to-be-revealed Caribbean island. (2019, we like your style.)

Minneapolis, MN: We’re not big naval-gazers, but when we do take a moment to pause and reflect, we’re always pleasantly surprised by what we see. We think it’s because it’s easy to get caught up in all the doing, without stopping to acknowledge what’s been done.

Let’s talk agency Mission for starters – as in, we’ve honed ours a bit: Give people what they want. Next. We think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but we we’ll explain anyway (mostly because we really like talking about it). The brand experience has been hijacked – in a good way. Consumers have taken control, interacting in ways that fit their wants, so it only makes sense for brands to start thinking more about how to deliver on those wants. But they keep changing, so brands have to anticipate what’s next. It’s what we do best. (We call it Next Ray Vision – the next best thing to being psychic.)

On the heels of our updated positioning, we revamped our logo and launched a new website showcasing much of our new work that just so happens to play right into said Mission. Oh, and we’ve added some fantabulous new people. Sam Mitzel and Staci Dieball joined the design team. And we welcomed Mary Shoemaker as Project Manager, Justin Ungs as Director Account Management and Brian Strater as Controller. All five are the ultra-talented, unbelievably-committed type of humans that make us deep-down proud to call ourselves fellow Famers.

It’s been a big year for new business – like this spring/summer’s endless rain – only faaaar more welcome. We’ve recently wrapped up a festival activation for Revlon, comprehensive brand launch for the new Livea, custom packaging project for Storck chocolate, brand refresh, menu redesign and brunch reinvention for Granite City, brand identity and environment for 7 Corners Coffee on the U of M campus, and a brand refresh for a certain verrrry popular Caribbean island which shall remain nameless until we can do the official raising of the proverbial curtain with the appropriate amount of accompanying hoopla (hopefully soon!).

Meanwhile, our existing client roster has kept the place buzzing like a beehive, only less stinger-y and with really no honeycomb to speak of. We continue to support St. Jude on events for their national corporate partners, we’ve opened two additional locations for MyBurger, and we’ve been shooting interviews with veterinarians around the world – getting up close and personal with the likes of a Frill Necked Lizard and such – for our friends at NVA. And we’ve partnered with Small Business Revolution for the fourth year, helping a small Hispanic grocery store with environmental design, merchandising and promotions – always happy to do a family-run business a solid.

To top it all off, we were recently named on Chief Marketer’s new list of the 200 Top Marketing Agencies out there slaying it with ‘the rest of the marketing mix’ – work that falls outside the typical notion of traditional advertising. We salute our fellow list-makers – rule-breakers and big thinkers they are. We love it when agencies go rogue in the name of brand impact.

After months of adrenaline- and (occasionally) donut-fueled deadline conquering, we felt some collective breath-catching was in order, so we’ve been taking it easy on Friday afternoons this summer, getting reacquainted with our more zen-esque, less frenzied selves. We hope you’ve been able to do the same.

About Fame.

Fame began as the retail arm of a general agency in 1991, making it a sharp, nimble, and preemptive group of thinkers. While retail has shaped the agency, it is no longer defined by it. Today, Fame continues to help brands anticipate what’s next on a broader level. Grounded in strategic insight and guided by emerging trends and cultural cues, Fame helps brands discover what they have that people want most. And express it in a way that only they can. Fame has locations in Chicago and Minneapolis, with the following clients, among others: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Revlon, MyBurger, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Storck USA, National Veterinary Associates.


  1. Anon August 13, 2019

    There’s some beautiful work, especially the Revlon piece, but the thing reads like a goofball cousin’s Christmas letter.

  2. Internet Spelling Enforcer August 14, 2019

    Ahem, it’s navel, unless you’re on the high seas.

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