Must See: Art Newspaper Celebrates Apollo Moon Landings


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11.50: Rediscovering Discovery is a 32-page abstract, interactive art newspaper that celebrates NASA’s Apollo missions and seeks to evoke the long dormant spirit of exploration and curiosity that once took us 240,000 miles from home.

It’s a visual homage to humankind’s greatest achievement that comes complete with “exploration tools” (a letter-pressed decoder wheel and viewfinder) which let readers uncover hidden facts about the moon and the Apollo missions within its pages. To protect the newspaper from stray meteorites, it arrives packaged in a custom silkscreened silver Mylar envelope. The letterpress and silkscreen work were done here in Minneapolis by Nomadic Letter Press and Alchemist Printing.

This project is the result of a lifelong passion for space exploration and 600+ hours of design work in Doug Pedersen’s spare time over the last 8 months.

All profits from the sale of 11.50 Rediscovering Discovery will be donated to the Planetary Society to help further the cause of space exploration.


  1. acxts August 20, 2019

    This is sick

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