Open Book Communications Re-Positions TreeHouse for National Expansion


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In May, local non-profit TreeHouse launched their new brand with updated logo, visual identity, and mission. TreeHouse has been serving teens in the Twin Cities since 1979, giving them a safe space to process life’s ups and downs, develop healthy relationships, and find support. As TreeHouse looked to grow their model nationwide, they knew they needed a fresh look and articulation of their mission. Open Book Communications partnered with TreeHouse on a new visual identity and approach to their messaging—crafting a story that’s compelling to their donors and honors the teens they serve.

During the re-brand process, a big turning point occurred when Open Book shifted the language being used to talk about teens. By addressing what teens are experiencing—hopelessness—rather than labelling who they are—troubled, hurting, at-risk—the whole tone of the brand story shifted, giving refreshed direction to the organization as a whole.

Open Book then built the brand around a new articulation of TreeHouse’s mission: Ending hopelessness among teens. With this foundation, they created a new logo that embodied this mission and spoke to the brand as a whole. Core to TreeHouse’s story is a belief that transformation is possible. The logo reinforces their belief that hope grows from the inside out—and as it does, it has a compounding impact on teens and communities everywhere.

To achieve the goals of an elevated brand, missional clarity, and a commissioned audience, Open Book created key creative tentpoles, including a new website, donor storybook, and a vision video. The youthful, accessible, and vibrant look of these pieces bring the brand to life in compelling ways that invite all audiences—donors, staff, volunteers, and teens—to join together in a shared mission to end hopelessness among teens.


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