Morsekode To Redesign First Avenue’s Website


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First Avenue & 7th St Entry, the legendary Minneapolis live music venue, awarded its website overhaul to Morsekode.

“For nearly 50 years, First Avenue has brought artists and audiences together live for an unforgettable, one-of-a kind experience—now Morsekode will ensure our website does the same,” says Dayna Frank, CEO, First Avenue. “The agency understands what it takes to make a cool and effective site—but they get the whole music thing too. How many agencies have an in-house performance space complete with backline? Morsekode’s first-rate thinking will help us build a next gen digital presence to interact with our patrons and fans online in a new way.”

“At Morsekode music is in our DNA—we believe the power of music is much like the power of a brand,” said Mark Morse, Morsekode president and founder. “Both connect to a specific audience and move them emotively. We’ll be aligning First Avenue’s web presence to their incredible brand environment, weaving individual and venue experience together to bring fans back into that experience over and over again.”


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