Jaipur Living Partners With Haberman To Deepen Relationships With Interior Designers


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After a competitive search and review, global rug and textiles furnishings company Jaipur Living has named Haberman as its marketing agency partner. Haberman will oversee content strategy, creative, digital and social media support.

Jaipur Living is one of America’s fastest growing home furnishing companies with a business model centered on a passion for people, product and design. More than 40,000 artisans  – 70% of them women – are empowered through the Jaipur Rugs Foundation. They earn a livable wage with access to healthcare, leadership education and more. Haberman’s work for Jaipur Living is coming to life with a focus on the authenticity of the brand and its distinct design story. The 2019 campaign supports the company’s desire to build and maintain deep relationships with interior designers. This includes inspiring more intimate experiences with Jaipur Living through visual storytelling.

“Many interior designers spend hours online researching design options without being able to touch or feel the rugs. Our goal was to get interior designers as close as possible to the actual product through inspirational imagery and an approachable tone,” said Jeff Berg, Creative Director and Partner at Haberman. “The strategy for the campaign was focused on creating a mood through engaging content, a mood that’s intellectual, playful and inspiring.”

“Haberman’s storytelling approach and smart engagement strategy made them the right partner for this work,” said Carl Henrickson, Director of Digital Marketing and Brand. “And to top it off, we had an immediate and genuine connection to the Haberman team based on their passion for Jaipur Living and purpose-driven brands. Strong relationships are critical to us.”

The portal serving to bring Jaipur Living’s unique design story to life can be experienced at mood.jaipurliving.com.



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