Ultra Creative Unveils a New Look


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Ultra Creative, a Minneapolis creative agency, announces a new look and feel to its overall brand and website to better reflect the “Ultralites’” current capabilities and clients. Just like what the team does with its legacy brand clients, the 33-year-old company is evolving its own brand language to reach the right consumers.  

“As a team of creatives, we can never leave well enough alone when it comes to designing something wonderful. The same holds true for our own team,” said Ty J. Tonander, Partner and Vice President of Brand Design for Ultra Creative. “Our team of Ultralites represent the epitome of creativity, strategy and design, so it makes sense that our brand and website reflect that.”

The Ultra Creative logo is the biggest change, as it takes on a more friendly persona. While it retains the geometric quality of the former logo, the new design evolves from the tight, boxy shape to a more modern shape. The new logo takes up more space and tells a bold and confident story, according to Tonander.

As for the new website, it is simpler and stripped away of unnecessary tricks and trappings. The “nuts and bolts” are the same, but the first impression is Ultra Creative’s work and brand partnerships because those are the team’s first priorities. Client names like Hershey’s, General Mills, Foster Farms, Nature’s Way and Wells Dairy dot the site landscape, as well as brands like In Bloom, Hot Indian and Way Better Snacks. Ultra Creative focused its redevelopment energy on showing the work its done, letting it speak for itself. The copy is punchier and to the point.

Sutasinee Seitz, a Senior Designer for Ultra Creative, designed and managed the website redesign. She says the project was a labor of love to showcase her fellow Ultralites.

“The new site is all about showing the work, because in showing the work, we’re showing who we are and what we have to offer,” said Seitz.

Ultra Creative was recently recognized by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for its work on behalf of two food clients and an in-house team of creators who designed the company’s annual holiday chocolate gift. The Package Design awards celebrated Ultra Creative as one of 200 elite companies around the country that received the kudos.


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