Martin Williams Rebrands


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This month, Martin Williams revealed their own rebrand, including a new shape, tone, color palette and way they show up in the world. This work was lead by Chief Creative Officer, Brock Davis, who joined the agency last summer.

For a legacy agency that has existed for over 70 years, Martin Williams has had its share of brand evolutions, but nothing quite like this.

“We think of it less as a logo and more as a visual manifesto. It’s a shape with power that inspires limitless possibilities. It appreciates who we were, declares who we are and clears a path to where we are going. This is how we’ll be signing our work. When people see it, they’ll feel it.” 



  1. Ed Gonzales May 22, 2019

    No. Just no. Looks like a diminishing EKG reading.

  2. Thomas Sebanc May 28, 2019

    I like it. The video is a nice touch. Well done.

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