Little Has Bremer Bank Ready for What’s Next


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Change is a constant in every business. But it’s safe to say that the changes hitting the banking sector are coming faster and hitting harder than ever. So what does that mean for a regional bank with a long history in the Upper Midwest? To Bremer Bank, it means there’s never been a better time to roll out some major changes of their own.

“We’ve served Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin for 75 years and counting, which is a significant milestone,” notes Bremer’s Chief Marketing Officer, Erin Dady. “As the banking industry is going through a period of transition, we’ve decided to make strategic investments in how we show up for our customers in every way.”

For Bremer, making the most of that opportunity meant partnering with Minneapolis design agency Little & Company. According to Little’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Cecere, “Our approach started with thinking beyond how the Bremer brand looked. We saw the rebranding as an opportunity to enhance and redefine Bremer’s voice, visually and verbally, that communicated something genuine and meaningful to customers and employees alike.”

From the start, Bremer and Little agreed that the work should put commercial and agriculture customers at the center as we find new and innovative ways to help them accomplish their goals. As Dady puts it, “Our new campaign will show the ways we’re working to cultivate thriving communities by helping people and businesses succeed.”


The campaign includes a new website, point of sale and collateral materials, as well as radio, video and digital ads—all rolling out this week. Advertising leverages the theme “We See You,” reflecting Bremer’s focus on community-based banking and the advantage of having a local banker who develops long-term relationships with their customers.


  1. Buck Rogers May 6, 2019

    My favorite headline by far is “Manufacturing specific headline.”


  2. DzNutz May 7, 2019

    ^^^^ Oh that’s embuuuuuuuuurrrrraaaassssing!

  3. Persnickety Pete May 7, 2019

    Wonder if they had a Super Sr. Designer that’s never ever worked on digital do those icons?

  4. Brian Recnagle May 15, 2019

    Yikes. Pretty sloppy typesetting in the mark itself. The overall look is middle-of-the-road jr. designer portfolio-ish.

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