This Billion Dollar Commercial Is All About Giving Back


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A $3 billion campaign budget often spells big-name spokespeople and cutting-edge special effects, but Periscope, one of the top, fully integrated creative agencies in the nation, and the Minnesota Lottery took their lavish budget in a different direction, announcing a new awareness campaign that highlights where exactly lottery sales dollars go.

“Approximately $0.25 from every dollar spent on Minnesota Lottery tickets goes back to the state, but it’s not common knowledge,” said Periscope Associate Creative Director Nicole Meyer. “This campaign was all about transparency with a twist — advancing awareness of how much the lottery does for the state of Minnesota by provoking people to pay attention.”

At the center of the campaign is a stunning TV spot showcasing the true beneficiaries of 3 billion lottery dollars since 1990 — Minnesota lakes, parks, roads and education systems — captured by Periscope’s production crew equipped with wetsuits, waterproof cameras, drones and coffee canteens for 4 a.m. sunrise shots.

The TV spot was kept under wraps until the commercial premiere event on April 15, where it was unveiled in front of an audience of local dignitaries, lawmakers, Minnesota Zoo animals and iconic figures close to the Minnesota Lottery’s philanthropic mission. Leading up to the red-carpet event, a robust teaser campaign enticed audiences to tune in to see what a billion dollar commercial looks like, with the TV spot launching simultaneously on all four major networks during the 6 o’clock news.

“We stirred emotions and conversation by throwing around this jarring $3 billion number and then turning it on its head,” said Periscope Chief Creative Officer Peter Nicholson. “In reality, that number never referred to the campaign budget, but rather, we followed those dollars to discover the unique state initiatives and incredible nature scenes that our creative work ultimately helped capture and celebrate.”

In addition to broadcast TV and a commercial premiere event, campaign elements include out of home (OOH), digital video, print, social media, influencer engagement and media relations. Periscope also secured a proclamation from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz declaring April 15, 2019, “Minnesota Lottery Playing Our Part Day” in Minnesota to commemorate this milestone.




  1. Jerry Angst April 23, 2019

    What is that lovely background music for the Billion dollar commercial?

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