CO Exhibitions May 2019 show opening: Weirdly Positive // Positively Weird


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OPENING: MAY 4, 7–10 p.m; Music by DJ Espada, refreshments from Modist Brewery & more. (Details about Art-A-Whirl hours and festivities forthcoming.)

CO Exhibitions: 1101 Stinson Blvd NE (at Broadway) in Minneapolis.

IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING! Like a champ you have survived Holiday Season, Funeral Season, Blizzard Season, False Spring, Snow-bomb-whatever, and like a baby bird cracking through your shell: YOU ARE READY TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AGAIN!

CO Exhibitions wants to assist in this venture by giving you pure sunshine in the form of WEIRDLY POSITIVE // POSITIVELY WEIRD.  A group show dedicated to thwarting the concept that cynicism is superior. Or cool.  Or inherently profound.  You can trip over fodder for melancholy works of art on your way to the bathroom in the morning.  So let us revel in the worlds created by artists that can find hope in the end of the universe (and maybe even some roller skating) as we exit our caves of hibernation.

CO’s collection of artists for this group adventure embrace levity in its most vibrant and beautiful forms.  Allow the drawings and paintings of Jose Dominguez to provide the map to a better state of mind through text-forward & narrative playfulness.  Get lost in the screen-printed jungle of flora created by Ben Petersen.  Fall through the rabbit hole bursting with energy in Lindsey Wright’s pop iconography laden illustrations.  Allow yourself some play in the effervescent design world of Peter Steineck.  Melt into the psychedelic vibes of Ian Babineau’s risographs & multi-layered work of the print posse, Fatherless.  And tiptoe through the prose tulips via Anne Ulku’s hypnotically typographic paintings.  Bring your friends and let’s get this spring started.



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