MONO Cracks Open New Work for Leinenkugel’s


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MONO and MillerCoors’ Leinenkugel’s have partnered to expand awareness for the brewing company and its hero product, Summer Shandy, in a modern, refreshed way. The partnership includes MillerCoors’ largest media spend ever behind the brand, including a fully integrated campaign (TV, print, OOH, social, digital) targeting millennial young professionals, as well as an updated brand design system.
The new campaign, Take Back Summer, launches this month – it’s the first work MONO has created for the brand since joining the business late last summer. The creative expands the brand into locations and occasions that reflect the variety of ways drinkers enjoy Summer Shandy, to match a shift in their strategy to appeal to a wider demographic.  
“We’re very excited to introduce this new work,” says Frank Cirone, Senior Director of Leinenkugel’s at MillerCoors. “We’re broadening our appeal and relevancy to a greater audience by taking Leinenkugel’s to places we traditionally haven’t been seen, like beer gardens in the city and rooftop patios. When it’s hot, wherever you are, there’s nothing better than taste of crisp beer with refreshing lemonade flavor, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.”
The campaign strategy is grounded in an interesting truth about Millennial professionals. Despite news headlines proclaiming that Millennials are entitled and lazy (or perhaps in reaction to that), there’s a new phenomenon amongst the group – they want to be seen as a “work martyr,” dedicating much of their time to their workplace and career advancement. But that often comes at the expense of enjoying summer. MONO leveraged this tension to foster a campaign that helps create urgency for Millennials to better balance their time by drawing clear boundaries between work and making the most of their fleeting summer days with the ultimate beer of the season, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.
In addition, MONO has helped to evolve how they reach, talk to and celebrate their biggest fans on social media by developing fun and engaging digital content.
Take Back Summer is a rally cry that we hope will inspire people to make the most of their summer with the beer that carries its namesake and a flavor to match,” says Michael Hart, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, MONO. “We found a tension between the product – a beer made for those wonderful warmer months – and the brand’s core customers who feel pressured to sacrifice those fleeting summer days.”
The work launches this month and includes the following elements, which will be in market through the end of September 2019. 


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