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Cirium (formerly FlightGlobal) brings together powerful data and analytics to keep the world in motion. Consider some of the statistics: The company analyzed more than $300 billion worth of airline tickets for market insights. The company tracks more than 35 million flights each year covering over 97 percent of scheduled flights worldwide and more than 80 percent of tracked flights, matched to aircraft registration numbers so engine efficiency can be optimized per hour. More than $5.3 trillion worth of aircraft assets are valued by Cirium each year.

To reflect its increasingly diverse client base and its offerings beyond publishing the storied Flight International magazine, the company collaborated with LEVEL Mpls for thorough market research and positioning that resulted in the Cirium name.

“Cirium has associations with being in the cloud, being at high altitude, and working with data sets in the cloud that are always changing,” said Mike Malik, Cirium chief marketing officer. “It’s about bringing control to an industry that is constantly in motion. We are proud of FlightGlobal and the FlightGlobal products,” says Malik. “But we wanted to present ourselves effectively to customers looking for data and advanced analytics solutions. Cirium provides us the positioning we needed to showcase our technology and talent.”

A series of acquisitions has resulted in the company quadrupling in size in less than a decade. The business’s data and analytics group—including acquired businesses—FlightStats, Ascend, Diio and Innovata—and well-known products Ascend Values Analyzer, Diio Mi, Fleets Analyzer and web and mobile app FlightStats—come directly under the Cirium brand. The FlightGlobal name continues as a distinct brand within the Cirium portfolio, comprising the aerospace publishing and conferences businesses.

“Our comprehensive global rebranding of the company opens up the possibilities for Cirium to be associated with any sector,” said John Foley, LEVEL Mpls chief executive officer. “While aviation remains in the company’s DNA, Cirium’s history of innovation and unique portfolio of products will continue to improve the way we all travel.”

The work by LEVEL Mpls included: market research, naming, values, identity, positioning, value proposition, selling proposition, go-to-market strategies, identity guidelines, ad and digital campaign, and global launch support.


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