acowsay cinema Gives Back, Launches “Inspired By Story”


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For acowsay cinema, the decision to tell a story is about seizing the opportunity—giving a voice to people whose stories have the power to inspire others to action.

On Sunday, February 17—National Random Acts of Kindness Day for those unfamiliar—acowsay cinema proudly shared the first installment of their new original series “Inspired By Story,” as part of a philanthropic initiative created to inspire others to action through the stories we share.

“Inspired By Story” will begin as an online series and be developed into a full-feature documentary film that tells the story of the impact one person can have on the world. acowsay cinema will be donating their time and talents to tell these powerful stories and are currently looking for others interested in joining the project.

“It is not always what you can do but what you actually do. Small things become big things but require the first step.” said Tyler Eichorst, creative director at acowsay cinema. “We hope that by making a small commitment on our end, we inspire others to do the same and prove that one person, one story when shared, has the power to change the world.”

Special thanks to Allan Law aka “The Sandwich Man”, TFA Group and Ptacek IGA for their support of the film.


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