MONO Elevates Senior Creative to Design Director


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Andrew Voss has been promoted to Design Director, a newly-formed position at the Minneapolis-based agency. In this new role, Andrew will work closely with Executive Creative Director Vanessa Fortier to continue to elevate the creative and design work coming out of the agency. He is now responsible for managing the MONO design team, leading all design-driven work and mentoring creative staff, while working closely with Jeffrey Gorder (Chief Growth Officer) and Julie Vessel (Chief Talent Officer) to bring in new business opportunities and recruit top creative talent.

“Design is at the center of MONO and has been since day one,” says Chris Lange, Founder & Chief Creative Officer. “Andrew is not only a fantastic designer, but a leader and inspiration to people across our entire agency. We are excited to promote him into this new role as we elevate our creative leadership team to ensure we’re always pursuing and producing ground-breaking design-driven work.”

Andrew, who has been with MONO for four years and spent 14 years in the industry, has a proven track record of executing award-winning work ranging from television to quick-turn social media visuals to digital and experiential concepts. Client work includes Walmart, Target, Cadillac, Polaris and H&R Block. Andrew also led the recent MONO rebrand, which was unveiled this past summer.

“MONO truly respects and honors the design process,” says Andrew Voss. “By engaging everyone on our design team—an art director, designer, and copywriter—in the very beginning stages of a project and building trust, communication, and consensus, we’re creating exciting work and exceptional team culture, and I’m extremely proud of both.”


  1. dmack

    dmack February 11, 2019

    solid dude 👍

  2. Kelly February 11, 2019

    Yay Voss! Congratulations!

  3. jo February 13, 2019

    the best.

  4. Ryan O'Hara Theisen February 14, 2019

    Extremely talented and graceful human being. Good call MONO!

  5. Emily Hoyne February 14, 2019

    Vosssssssssssss! Congrats. Can’t think of a better dude.

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