Kick Tugs at Horse Owners’ Heartstrings in New Triple Crown Campaign


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Kick is proud to partner with Triple Crown Nutrition (“Triple Crown,”) a super-premium horse feed brand poised for growth, to create integrated marketing programs.

This work is right in Kick’s wheelhouse. Kick has a demonstrated ability to understand a niche audience and its specific needs by listening and identifying insights and helping the client articulate what makes them unique in their category.

To begin, Triple Crown and Kick defined horse owner personas and uncovered opportunities for Triple Crown to reach horse professionals, riders involved in competition and recreational horse lovers by understanding the motivations of all horse owners.

Next, Kick refreshed and elevated Triple Crown’s brand to uphold its super-premium status and be on par with other super-premium brands like Land Rover and Rolex, both of which target the same horse owners as Triple Crown. The branding was optimized for all aspects of communications including online, point-of-sale, events, a new line of wearables and even horse weight tapes.

Kick then developed a new campaign around the emotional aspects of owning a horse, as well as the competitive aspects of horse events and performances. The purpose of the campaign is to appeal to the consumer’s heart, highlight unique features and benefits of Triple Crown’s products, and drive horse owners to the website to compare feeds and educate consumers about what makes the brand’s feed top-of-the-line.

Triple Crown and Kick are evolving the consumer communications strategy with increased digital marketing efforts for the brand, reaching the 2 million horse owners across the country with a targeted approach through a combination of digital media, search, social and print.

Kick’s experience in the feed and pet categories, as well as industry cross-pollination thinking, provides a unique perspective for Triple Crown as it looks to reach more consumers at the right time with the right message and the right solution.



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