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Sarah Edwards has created the #WhoInfluencesYou campaign to shine a light on people who are truly influential but maybe don’t participate in social media. As a somewhat reluctant influencer, Sarah sometimes struggles with the direction influencer marketing is heading and she wanted to shake things up.

Sarah thought to herself, “What if influencers had to share their ‘perks’ with someone who truly influences them?” It could be a stranger, a neighbor, a friend, a family member, etc.

To kick off the campaign, Mall of America came on as a partner to help champion this concept. Each social influencer would create a video about someone in their lives who truly inspires them. Then, the influencer and their inspiring person of choice would be treated to a day of shopping on Mall of America’s dime. The purpose? To remind us of the people in our community making a difference in small, quiet ways and to give them some TLC. 

“We have so many amazing people in our community in the public eye who use their social platforms to spread positivity. When Sarah Edwards brought the idea of Who Influences You to Mall of America, we knew immediately we wanted to work with her on launching the initiative,” said Sarah Grap, PR Director at Mall of America. ” We felt connected to her mission and loved having the opportunity to collaborate with her on bringing Who Influences You to life. The campaign shines a light on those who inspire us and gives them the recognition they deserve.”
There are a few more influencers scheduled to surprise the people in their lives that most influence them. To follow along, visit @moastyle on Instagram.   
I AM Sarah Edwards // Creative Studio 
Sarah Grap // Public Directions Director at Mall of America
Nicole Guetzke // PR Fashion Coordinator
Erin Blanton // Marketing and Social Media Consultant @moastyle


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