Cody Brown Presents New Work for Pryes Brewing Company


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When a local craft brewery partners with a local filmmaker good things happen, as proof by the latest work from Minneapolis-based director Cody Brown.

Brown was recently enlisted to help Pryes Brewing Company get the word out the release of their first canned beer—their flagstaff brew Miraculum—In the Minnesota market. The result is a beautifully crafted thirty-second spot extolling the virtues of easier access to a tasty beer.

The bulk of the spot was shot in a garage, for blowtorch reasons, with the finishing shots taking place at the brewery itself. The goal was to take a simple concept and take it as far as it could go, crewing up a writer, VO talent and local composers to round out the piece. The ad is running on Facebook and Instagram, letting local beer-drinkers know that they can find their favorite ale on the shelves at their local liquor shop. Praise the beer gods!

Director – Cody Lee Brown
Director of Photography – Stephen Holm
Writer – Andy Masur
VO Talent – Dan Armstrong
Editors – Cody Lee Brown and Chadwick Nelson
Title and Animation – Jesse Pelkey
Sound Design and Mix – Troy Hermes
Color – Michael Sandness
Score – Todd Casper, Chadwick Nelson, Cody Lee Brown and Timothy Evenson
Prop Stylist – Erik Janzen
Post Services provided by North401 Studios
Special Thanks to Sophie and Carsten at Cinemechanics


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