Protecting America’s Natural Wonders from Instagrammers


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Instagram has been a driving force in encouraging people to visit America’s natural wonders, including Jackson Hole, Wyo. Unfortunately, it has also caused a lot of fragile, rarely visited areas to become overcrowded, and in turn, at risk of degradation and destruction.

To mitigate this threat to precious land, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB) launched a first-of-its-kind campaign that educates visitors about the issue and asks them to curtail the geotagging of Jackson Hole’s pristine natural environment. Called Tag Responsibly, the program reaches people where they experience the beauty of the area and encourages them to act to preserve it.

“With two national parks at our doorstep and acres of wild spaces, we see this problem firsthand, every day,” said Kate Sollitt, executive director, JHTTB.“We needed to offer a solution and help spread the spirit of conservation that is so important to us.”

The Tag Responsibly campaign provides Instagrammers about to geotag Jackson Hole’s pristine natural amenities with the alternative, generic location tag: Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild. Instead of seeing the exact location of the photo, their followers will see this unexpected call to action.

“We want to share the beauty of Jackson Hole and inspire more people to experience it, but we also want them to join in our efforts to preserve it,” said Sollitt.

The alternative location tag will be promoted with education about the conservation that makes Jackson Hole the incredibly ‘grammable place it is. The effort launched with social media posts from local influencers and an announcement video, as well as through the help of local residents, airport signage and social media.

The campaign, developed by creative agency Colle McVoy, is part of Jackson Hole’s Stay Wild movement. Launched in 2017, it uniquely showcases the wild and authentic spirit of Jackson Hole, and combines a message of preservation, conservation and culture into a simple but powerful call to action, urging locals and tourists to help keep Jackson Hole raw, rugged and wild.

The Jackson Hole community has always been a champion of wildlife, wild places and wild culture that remain the foundation of the last true mountain town. The creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872 marked the beginning of the modern conservation movement and Jackson Hole has remained at the forefront ever since. It takes pride in its legacy of conservation and the preservation and protection of the ecosystems that attract countless visitors from around the world.


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