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  1. Snarky Ad Guy November 8, 2018

    So many questions about this…

  2. Kelly November 9, 2018

    Hi Snarky Ad Guy! I made this ad. Hit me with a question!

  3. DzNutz November 9, 2018

    Actually think they did a good job with this.

  4. Patrice Bradley November 19, 2018

    Our agency (Swim Creative) did a really funny campaign for Grand Marais tourism called “Give us the bird.” It was when the seagull extension was stolen off of the billboard on i35—twice. https://swimcreative.com/work/gmat-give-us-the-bird/ The video is quite a bit long but still makes me laugh. (4:11 sums it up) https://youtu.be/tUn_PDlU02o

    People loved it.

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