Transcending life on earth with Periscope’s latest creative campaign


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Periscope and the Minnesota Lottery are launching a campaign that celebrates Day of Dead (October 31–November 2) with every piece of content designed in the spirit of the holiday to reflect energy, movement and the concept of “living on”.

With copy in both English and Spanish, it’s designed to introduce the lottery to a growing Hispanic audience while promoting the new Day of the Dead lottery scratch game.

Periscope worked closely with Mexican-American artist Luis Fitch known for his stunning and culturally relevant imagery inspired by his Mexican upbringing.

Scott Dahl, Periscope Group Creative Director, had this to say, “What was really exciting about this initiative, is that our strategy to ‘demonstrate how the celebration lives on’ really challenged us to consider how every piece of our work could feel alive. The outcome is one of the most colorful, celebratory and energized campaigns I’ve ever helped produce.” 



  1. Jebus October 30, 2018

    Can’t wait for the “Easter Resurrection” scratch off next. Roll that pesky stone away and see what you’ve won.

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