A Modern Look with Reverence for Tradition


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Rishi is a direct-trade, best-source importer of organic teas and botanicals. Studio MPLS’ goal was to envision a new mark and packaging that would do a better job of expressing their values and the origins of their teas.

Working closely with Rishi, they pored over various images and aesthetics to hone in on a look and feel that felt authentic and compelling. From there, Studio MPLS developed the iconic “plucking hand” mark, inspired by artistic renditions of Rishis beholding plants in remote places around the world.

With a 20 year history of building relationships across the tea-producing regions of the world, Rishi has many stories to tell. The new packaging design acknowledges this, providing an elegant platform for them to share their rich heritage.



  1. Ellen Shaffer September 29, 2018

    This is such lovely work — and it’s made me (a devoted tea drinker) take a close, second look at a brand that was never particularly compelling before. Well done!

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