A Campaign for a new Bolin Art Director


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Bolin is currently seeking a Creative Art Director to join their team’s Minneapolis office. Rather than sorting through outdated portfolio links, reviewing a list of resume bullet points, a list of clients you may or may not have had a substantial impact on, they’re are asking candidates to build a campaign for themselves to become part of the team. You are the product. The assignment is for you to position, brand, and sell yourself to the internal creative team.

How you decide to tackle this challenge is entirely up to you.

Get info on the gig here.


  1. DzNutz September 21, 2018

    #1 thing to avoid when applying for a job is an agency that makes you do spec work. This is common knowledge. For an internship this might make sense. For a working professional, it is just plain absurd.

  2. yo September 21, 2018


  3. backbone September 24, 2018


  4. Effu October 2, 2018

    Amen DzNutz!

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