Griffin Archer for Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed


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Brevity is the soul of wit. And YouTube views. In this new series of 6-second bumper ads, Griffin Archer embraces the bite-sized media buy with visual and impactful storytelling.

The new spots spin you through a day in the life of a Sleep Number customer, ending in the highly personalized 360 smart bed—a bed that not only adjusts to your lifestyle but also tracks how you’re sleeping so you know how your day affects your night. Whether it’s a workout at the gym, happy hour with friends, or an evening at the theater, the 360 smart bed answers with a restful night.

The relatively new, abbreviated media buy challenges agencies and brands to highlight one key message. Instead of simply editing down existing :30s or :15s, Griffin Archer created specific content that would best maximize the ad buy.

The spots deliver on the brand promise of “A Revolution in Sleep” in just six seconds.

“We may be telling short stories, but they can still deliver a big impact,” says Ellie Anderson, CEO of Griffin Archer.


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