Prairie Organic Spirits and I AM Sarah Edwards Team Up


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Prairie Organic Spirits is made using 100% USDA certified organic corn grown on family-owned farms in Minnesota. Prairie Organic recently announced a partnership with I AM Sarah Edwards and her creative studio.

Sarah Edwards is a unique mix of community connector, event producer, content maker, and influencer. Sarah will be connecting Prairie Organic through community events and on-brand partnerships.

“I work with a few brands as an ambassador and the funny thing is I’ve been a loyal Prairie Organic Vodka customer for a while. I genuinely just like the taste. Obviously, I also love that it is a local brand and USDA Organic,” says Edwards. “It was fun to connect with Mike Duggan (CEO of Phillips), Scott Meek and Lyndsey Reimers on a partnership. There weren’t a ton of conversations and back-and-forth, which is refreshing. We agreed upon a strategic approach and how to move forward without having to overthink everything. I’m super scrappy because I’ve always had to be with my events. It has uniquely positioned me to deliver value and cost savings to my partners.”

Scott Meek, Director of Marketing for Prairie Organic Spirits, says, “Prairie Organic Spirits is thrilled to work with Sarah. She has a unique voice in the community, and and we are really excited for her to help us tell our story.”


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