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Alrighty, it’s time we unleash this week’s Fresh Meat Friday. If you or a youngster you know have roughly between 0–5 years of professional experience and a good-lookin’ book, for the love of all that is holy, please let us know
Our fresh cut this week is Vatsalaa Jha, an Art Director from the ‘you betcha’ state of Minnesota, where niceness floods from the Mississippi into the hearts of its residents. But you already knew all of that, didn’t you? Okay, moving on.
Vatsalaa completed her undergraduate studies at UW-Madison in 2014, majoring in Art and Honors in the Liberal Arts. While there, she specifically took an Astronomy class in order to learn about aliens and was disappointed when that didn’t happen.
After trying out various gigs, she finally decided to go back to school at Brainco, an Advertising and Design School in Minneapolis, where she dived deep into the waters of creativity and learned how to swim like an Art Director.
Her view of Art Direction is quite literal: a form of art that is executed with direction. Therefore, she wants to make advertisements that are art masterpieces in their own rights.
Fun Fact: She has a fraternal twin sister and 100% believes in twin telepathy. 
Enough foolin’ around. Let’s get this thing going.
Vatsalaa, where do you see yourself in five years? What are your creative aspirations? 
I’d like to someday be a Creative Director.
To the point. We like it. So, we know about your educational background, but what can you tell us about your professional life?
I used to work for Sodexo as a Marketing Assistant in St. Cloud, MN. After that, I was a Sales and Business Development Representative at Oracle in Boston, MA. I’m currently a Freelance Art Director at Preston Kelly in Minneapolis, MN.
What was it that drove you to the creative industry?
For me, the best part about creativity is the conceptualization part, and that’s why I decided to pursue a Certificate in Art Direction after getting a taste in Graphic Design. 
I love idea building, and Art Direction is a field that requires the ability to solve puzzles in a fun and creative way. So, it ties my passion, which is coming up with creative ideas. 
Mind sharing with us your top three projects?
This piece was created solely for the purpose of the Young Ones Competition and was not commissioned by the client. Opioid Addiction doesn’t have just one face. It transcends all identities. NAMI is an organization that helps those facing this illness.
This is a series of print ads that encourage your kid’s imagination to run to lands before time.
What if Sharpie supported LGBTQ inclusivity and promoted the idea that sometimes it’s not about what’s different but about what’s the same?
Want to see more of Vatsalaa’s work? Head here.


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