Behind the new Superhuman Website


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As an agency, nothing is easier to forget about than your own website. Once you’re busy, you can feel like a chef who cooks all day and makes themselves frozen pizza for dinner. But really, an agency website should be the ultimate example of what you stand for and what your creative processes can deliver. They key is finding the right time to make it happen.

In the last year, Superhuman has grown from a staff of five people to twelve. With each new person they’ve added, their culture has gotten more nuanced, interesting and fun. They’ve also been working hard with inspiring brands, and their portfolio has been expanding as have their capabilities. It was time to put that out into the world.

For the Superhuman website 3.0, they wanted to build a guided experience full of visual surprises and bold storytelling. The new site features Superhuman’s updated visual brand language, including rotating accent colors that make it feel like it’s living and breathing. It was a challenge for Superhuman to find time to rethink and recreate their own website, but they believe it truly captures the unique agency they’ve built.


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