acowsay adds Director of Marketing & Clients Relations


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acowsay, Emmy award-winners for their original program Dream. State, welcomes Peter Heidorn to its team as Director of Marketing & Client Relations.

Heidorn, a 2018 Ad 2 32 Under 32 award winner, will focus on enhancing and developing relationships as acowsay seeks to continue to extend their capabilities into the advertising and brand space while also expanding the creation of their original content.

“acowsay has a special ability to tell human stories ― a term that’s thrown around far too frivolously, of late ― in the context of brand content,” says Heidorn. “The competition for where people devote their time and attention has never been more challenging. Brands need to give consumers reasons why they should care about their goods and services, and presenting real stories are the best way to deliver value back on that commitment.”

Heidorn will continue servicing clients as a Creative Marketer with Heibrid Marketing, a Twin Cities-based marketing agency that specializes in strategy-driven brand content and creative production to help businesses curate their identity in the digital space.

About acowsay cinema
Acowsay cinema is a Minneapolis-based video production company that uses video to tell stories about people for brands and organizations that look to align their values with current and prospective customers, creating original content that is delivered on a variety of channels, in a multitude of formats. Their deep understanding of how to tell stories paired with their nimble approach to production has positioned them to be a quick, smart & creative solution for brands & agencies.


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