Sarah Edwards Launches Story-Driven Content Agency I AM SARAH EDWARDS


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Sarah Edwards is thrilled to announce the launch of I AM SARAH EDWARDS, an experiential, story-driven content agency, offering a unique marketing solution for clients looking to expand their businesses, create story-driven content and tap into her influential platform to help market them creatively. With a unique value proposition as equal influencer, producer, storyteller and community connector, Edwards and her team deliver results for clients in cutting-edge ways.

“Launching the agency provides a strong foundation and platform so that I can better help people and organizations share their stories and make thoughtful connections that bring the right brands, people and resources together,” says Edwards.

Edwards is the Founder of the “I AM” platform and as part of the launch will begin a new monthly “I AM” series. Each month, the team at I AM SARAH EDWARDS will focus on a different theme and completely amplify a business and their initiative. Early examples include the launch of Jaguar Land Rover’s new electric Jaguar I-Pace for the experiential month and event titled “I AM ELECTRIC,” as well as working with Riverdale Travel for an experiential month and event called “I AM TRAVEL.”

Edwards has been hired by organizations around the country to speak about authenticity, storytelling and community, and has been called the “Poster Child of Millennials” by top CEOs. She is the Co-Founder of Fashion Week MN and serves as a Brand Ambassador for companies that align with her values. She works with Bumble as the Community Lead and as the Spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis. The team at I AM SARAH EDWARDS recently started relationships with Sherman & Associates, East End Minneapolis and HandsOn Twin Cities. Small business owners, PR Agencies, Marketing Strategists and Content Producers have taken notice of the successful campaigns I AM SARAH EDWARDS continues to produce and have hired the agency to create quirky videos and find “out of the box” ways to tell their stories.

To learn more about I AM SARAH EDWARDS, visit: or join her 10.7k+ followers on Instagram @iamsarahedwards.


  1. Dick Polipnick June 8, 2018

    Sarah has great content! I’m also a storyteller, and I can vouch for her that she does an amazing job telling a compelling story while still driving results for the bottom line.

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