Carmichael Lynch Launches Brain-Melting Internet Candy for Conoco


By the minneapolis egotist / /

It’s 2018, and our unfettered access to infinite brain melting entertainment has made staying put more appealing than ever. Liking and swiping and scrolling have all but replaced going and doing and experiencing. You know, with your human body. For gas brand Conoco’s new brand campaign, Carmichael Lynch wanted to remind the world that the World is out there, just a tank of gas away.

All you have to do is choose go over stay.

This internet-inspired, brain-melting campaign is socially driven by more than 70 unique pieces of content and a mix of live action and animation by director Jimmy Marble and some of the Internet’s best and strangest animators—John McLaughlin, Julian Glander, the Bob’s Burgers crew—to pit the existential forces of stay and go against each other.

View the rest of the work in all its glory here.


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