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Check out the latest goods for Hormel from the good folks at BBDO Minneapolis. Here’s what both parties have to say:

“We’ve been using Judy Greer in digital ads touting the accessible and natural benefits of Natural Choice deli meats for several years and they’ve been very well-received. This year, we really wanted to feature how great our products taste without losing any of the humor that consumers love about the campaign, as well as feature a wide range of Natural Choice varieties,” said Amy Sand, senior brand manager for Hormel Natural Choice deli meats.

Noel Haan, executive creative director at BBDO Minneapolis added, “This campaign works more like a mini-series than a commercial, that’s what makes the spot so enjoyable to watch. And Judy is a great fit for this brand. I think consumers will find her performance truly fun and relatable.”

The new television spot is part of a larger, national campaign that also includes digital ads and a national print campaign running in a range of publications from parenting and home, to fashion and wellness.


  1. Anonymous April 12, 2018

    It’s too bad BBDO never uses local production talent. Why even have an office in Minneapolis if you’ve totally shunned your own community?

  2. dmack

    dmack April 12, 2018

    Bold claim anonymous, albeit not true. Head over to bbdompls.com and I can tell you that more than one of our featured projects used ALL local production talent (Dinty Moore Lumbersexuals, Black Label Bacon Motorcycle & Hormel Chili Brotorch Cooking). And that’s just what we’ve put up on our site. So, come out of the shadows of internet anonymity and show us your great work so we can work with you, too. Because right now, the only one shunning their own community is you.

  3. Sir Spamalot April 12, 2018

    Because Hormel.

  4. Ian April 24, 2018

    dmack for the winnnnnnnn.

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